Technology is a team player

Microsoft’s Breakfast with the Lions event explored the balance between the team and the individual from the perspective of maximising team performance on and off the rugby pitch. Microsoft and the Lions When we gathered at the Skyloft of London’s Millbank Tower, everyone was excited to watch the rumble with the Brumbies and hear from…


Windows 8 Pro Diary – replacing a laptop and desktop with a tablet

Is it possible to replace a laptop and a desktop computer with a tablet PC running Windows 8 Pro? Matthew Stibbe tries an HP ElitePad 900 for a week to find out. Read some entries fromhis diary. Monday It’s my Monday morning video conference with my Turbine development team. I use the ElitePad’s HD web…


Big Data Insights

The explosion of devices, apps, the cloud and the Internet has ushered in the era of big data. Big data is changing the way organizations and people do business, discover insights and interact with one another. This Infographic is based from results found in “Global Enterprise Big Data Trends: 2013” study of more than 280…


Windows 8 devices reducing the total cost of ownership

We recently wrote a blog post about Windows 8 helping to cut the total cost of ownership (TCO). Within the blog we highlighted the value of relevant devices in your organisation’s future IT strategy, and how the availability of a broadening range of form factors, such as Dell Latitude 10 tablet, can empower your employees…


Mistrust of employees halts a greater uptake of Anywhere Working

Microsoft-commissioned study reveals vast majority of office workers say they are more productive working away from the office but fear how it is perceived by their colleagues. According to a new study on flexible working commissioned by Microsoft, a massive 70 per cent of British office workers, who are able to work away from the…


The big advantages of flexible working – radio interview with Microsoft’s Dave Coplin

The very successful Anywhere Working Week (see #AWweek on Twitter) has come to an end. But it seems that large enterprise organisations are still divided about what flexible working brings to their company and, most importantly their productivity. Today’s Anywhere Working event at the London Transport Museum has been an excellent demonstration of how well flexible working…


Tablets that mean business – Windows 8 helping cut the total cost of ownership

There is no doubt that Windows 8 is the new kid on the block as far as operating systems are concerned. It’s still in its infancy and, as a result, people are just beginning to realise its vast potential. Dell are one of those companies who are currently producing a selection of great devices to…


The head office of tomorrow? …It doesn’t exist.

For many years tech companies have been somewhat synonymous with rather drab, unimaginative offices that seem to hark back to some 1970s/80s heyday. This is no longer the case of course – Microsoft, Apple and Google all lead the way in futuristic building design. But ask many tech company employees where their head office is and…


An embarrassment of riches: new Windows 8 devices on display

One of the highlights of Microsoft’s recent Executive Briefing was the chance to get hands-on with the latest Windows 8 devices from leading manufactures such as Lenovo, Toshiba and Dell. There was also first look at Microsoft’s own Surface tablet.


CIO Summit – the pinnacle of inspirational innovation

On Thursday 27th September the Microsoft Enterprise Team bundled over to the very nice Langham Hotel in London with our Windows 8 devices for the CIO Summit 2012.   As the Business sponsor, our stand at the summit drew great interest as we demonstrated the versatility of Windows 8 on a touch-screen TV, a tablet,…