How Business Leaders are switching from iPad to Surface

Last week, Alan Sugar, Chairman of Amshold Group, famous Philanthropist and entrepreneur, tweeted this…

He switched from iPad to Surface, and shared his first impressions of the device on Twitter.

I’m loving this new Microsoft Surface RT tablet - battery life is outstanding.

Continuing to be amazed by the new Microsoft Surface RT. It’s the closest thing to a laptop in a tablet. Brilliant!

Surface is a business ready device, bringing together the best of tablet and laptop devices, allowing you to run the latest Office version and thousands of other apps. If you are thinking of making the switch, like Lord Sugar did, this link
will provide you with further details about the way that Surface can empower your business.

Moreover, trying the device yourself in a work environment is the perfect way to understand its capability. A real example is described in this video. Marcus Bluestein, Chief Technology Officer of Kraft Kennedy has replaced
his corporate-issued laptop, his iPad and even his desktop with the Surface Pro.


He discovered that he can access all his corporate and productivity applications while enjoying the portability of a tablet. “Writing on the documents, and then sending to somebody is an experience that you can’t have on a desktop or even really a laptop today”

The “anywhere working” concept is a reality in Marcus’s daily working life: “Walking around the office and sharing what you are doing with somebody, that’s a new experience. Even with the iPad I didn’t have that because I didn’t have my work environment in the iPad”

In the words of this CTO, the Surface Pro is even faster thanhis previous laptop.  “Surface is my new laptop. I don’t carry my iPad anymore”. 

If like Marcus and Lord Sugar, you are using a #Surface in your Business, share your experience with us here or via Twitter: @MSFTBusinessUK





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