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As we announced last week, we are proud to introduce you to our “newly launched” Twitter account for Enterprise and Medium-sized Business: @MSFTBusinessUK

A common space for sharing Enterprise and Medium Business content. No matter if you are a CIO, Business Leader or IT Decision Maker. We are here to find out what you think and speak to you. If you are looking for current case studies, new videos, and a space where you can find more information about Enterprise solutions, this is definitely the right place!

We want to keep you up to date with news, insights and recommendations. This community is an open space for knowledge sharing with colleagues and Microsoft leaders, and to discuss Enterprise trends like Cloud, Mobility, Enterprise Social, Big Data…and IT topics currently making the headlines.

Furthermore, going beyond Business, we want to add a new feature and promote #casualFriday. Feel free to share articles with us which could help us and others relax during the weekend. Your views, tips, interests, place recommendations, or other topics that you are interested in are also more than welcomed. Our Retweet button is waiting for your content, we are excited about spreading your messages with the community.

Follow us and take part in conversation now. Contact us via Twitter @MSFTBusinessUK or leave a comment on the blog.

We love Social Networking!





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  1. JMPeregrina says:

    Nice initiative! Finally a company uses Social Media to listen to companies…

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