Unleash new business opportunities with modern apps

How to create personalised experiences, expand market reach, and accelerate performance...

With 2.5 billion users and 10 billion devices connected to the Internet, it’s no surprise that modern apps are presenting exciting opportunities for the enterprise CIO. As customers, employees, and business partners change their lifestyles and adopt always-on technologies, organisations are forced to respond and adapt to remain competitive.

The attached white paper, Nine business scenarios for modern apps in the enterprise: Enabling deep business and customer experiences, is an excellent resource to help you discover your own business opportunities using modern apps. The paper includes:

  • Three new opportunities driven by modern apps.
  • Four big trends influencing the demand for modern apps.
  • Six key characteristics of modern apps.
  • Nine modern app business scenarios.

As you consider the importance of modern apps to support a rapidly expanding marketplace, we hope you will utilise the expertise and resources available through your Enterprise Strategy Program. In addition to strategic guidance from your enterprise architect, you have access to a global group of Microsoft subject matter experts, and an exclusive library of intellectual property.

You can download the white paper here.

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