ABB harnesses cloud power with Yammer and Office 365

Microsoft has recently announced that the power and automation technology company ABB will deploy Microsoft Office 365 and Yammer to its employees worldwide.

With about 145,000 employees in 100 countries, ABB is transitioning from multiple IT collaboration and messaging solutions to Office 365 to provide a single platform for productivity, communication, collaboration and enterprise social in the cloud.

“Office 365 and Yammer will enable us to transform communication and collaboration among our employees, surfacing the best and most innovative ideas across the organisation,” said Andy Tidd, chief information officer at ABB Group.

Microsoft’s Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner emphasizes: “Strong internal communications are the lifeblood of a company’s success, and ABB’s decision as a global technology leader to deploy Office 365 and Yammer will help it realise its vision for empowering employees with new ways of working via enterprise social and the cloud. When you remove barriers to productivity and innovation and enable employees to collaborate and communicate even more freely and seamlessly across organisational and geographical boundaries, incredible things happen.”

Office 365 integrates a number of typical functionalities that employees use in their daily work. The mail service works seamlessly with the online meeting and videoconferencing service. Office 365 simplifies online meetings, and in large organisations such as ABB that can typically reduce travel costs by 15 to 20 percent.

ABB is rapidly embracing enterprise social networking solutions, implementing Yammer as its companywide platform to increase collaboration and knowledge sharing across the organisation. ABB also plans to take full advantage of the planned integration between Office 365 and Yammer.

Amalgamation between SharePoint and Lotus Notes

Once ABB had made the transition to Yammer and Office 365, it moved one step further by bringing in technology from that will allow staff to minimise the number of platforms they need to access at work. This has been achieved by integrating SharePoint with Lotus Notes.

Before bringing on board, ABB staff had up to nine platforms for complete work on. Now users can share a single, centralised copy of documents on SharePoint, alongside related emails.

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