The big advantages of flexible working – radio interview with Microsoft’s Dave Coplin

The very successful Anywhere Working Week (see #AWweek on Twitter) has come to an end. But it seems that large enterprise organisations are still divided about what flexible working brings to their company and, most importantly their productivity. Today's Anywhere Working event at the London Transport Museum has been an excellent demonstration of how well flexible working (aka mobility/aka anywhere working) can work. Today we have sat with about 30 individuals from various organisations - all doing their normal jobs on their personal or work devices, and all busily working away in the middle of Covent Garden. With the right IT support from their organisations (and a good WiFi connection), the Anywhere Working vision can be easily realised. For the final say on this subject, we're leaving our very own Chief Envisioning Officer, Dave Coplin to explain why flexible working has such a great appeal to businesses big and small in this radio interview he recently gave...


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