All those ways you didn’t think Office was going to change your life

We thought you'd like to know about today's launch of Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium - to help improve productivity in your home office and in your personal life!...

To celebrate the launch of Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium in the UK we are holding a unique event taking place based on and around the specially created Route 365 bus. The 365 will travel through London for a day, playing host to a fascinating selection of speakers sharing their personal stories of how technology supports and improves their day to day lives.

Highlights include Tess Daly, Will Greenwood and Sally Whittle all giving their personal accounts of how technology is enhancing their working and personal lives. Members of the public are invited to join the bus and get involved both online and in the real world, to ask them about their experience. Attendees and members of the public will be joined by artists, musicians and entertainers as the bus moves through London, with the whole experience being streamed live at

The entire journey is being used to show how Office 365, including OneNote, PowerPoint, Excel and Word allows you to work and stay connected, even while you are on the move.

Far be it for us to succumb to hype and bombast when we're launching a new product such as Office 365 Home Premium. However, when we challenged ourselves to discover all the truly unexpected ways that people weave Office into their daily lives, we couldn't have expected such a variety of imaginative solutions to everyday problems. From using OneNote as a shopping list to sticking Excel to the fridge door as the family diary, Office has become part of the fabric of modern life. So we set ourselves the challenge of seeing just how far we can push Office 365, with connectivity and the cloud built right in.

We said we wanted to dream up a way that would show people the real power of Office. That's why today, we're asking thousands of people to Catch the 365. The Route 365 is a specially kitted out Routemaster bus that's travelling the streets of London (you can follow its journey live here: On this bus, we've invited special guests to give highly personal presentations on something that's close to their hearts, either in their working life or personal life or both. Microsoft Ambassador, Former British Lion, Rugby World Cup Winner and Sky Sports analyst, Will Greenwood has agreed to step onto the Route 365 to talk about how he uses mobile technologies and software such as Word and Excel to stay on top of his busy work schedule as a rugby analyst and journalist, especially during events like the British & Irish Lions tour, which kicks off this summer.

Founder of Tots 100 and the Mum and Dad Blogger awards, Sally Whittle will use PowerPoint to share her experience of running a successful business while bringing up children.

Bridget MacPherson, of the Phoenix School in Leicestershire will share her passionate position on change in education. And Juliette McMullen will give us her unexpected insights into bringing up toddlers with the help of OneNote and Excel. And to top it all off, Tess Daly has promised to become a surprise passenger, to talk about how everyday technologies have helped her build her media and business careers, whilst being a high-profile mum.

The speakers will be using the Ignite format for their talks, which means they will use PowerPoint to do a five-minute presentation, with 20 slides auto-forwarding every 15 seconds. If you've never watched an Ignite talk, this is worth seeing as it is a high-energy way to tell a personal story. And if you want to ask our speakers questions that they can answer live, online, please do so by tweeting your question using the hashtag #catchthe365

The entire bus-based experience will be streamed live, including musical moments and tablet art from Paul Kercal, to But if you're in Central London, why not check out our live location using the Bing Map on the website and come down to try out the new Office and get involved with all the fun of the day.  We will be taking over Leicester Square in central London from 12pm to 3pm today. We will also be running competitions throughout the day, so please check out the website or follow us on Twitter to find out how you could win yourself a copy of Office 365.

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