Microsoft server technology powers the new era of IT

In the last of this three-part series, Tim Cozze-Young reports on Microsoft’s recent Enterprise Briefing and ends with cloud computing and the infrastructure that drives it, using real-world examples from Microsoft customers at the event. “When I hear ‘cloud’, I think ‘server’,” said Maurice Martin in his presentation at Microsoft’s Enterprise Briefing on 7 November 2012….


An embarrassment of riches: new Windows 8 devices on display

One of the highlights of Microsoft’s recent Executive Briefing was the chance to get hands-on with the latest Windows 8 devices from leading manufactures such as Lenovo, Toshiba and Dell. There was also first look at Microsoft’s own Surface tablet.


All change – Steve Ballmer discusses innovation, Microsoft and enterprise IT

Tim Cozze-Young was at the Microsoft Executive Briefing in London to hear what our CEO, Steve Ballmer, had to say about the future of IT and how Microsoft is evolving to meet the needs of enterprise customers. In 2020, three-quarters of the Fortune 500 will be companies we haven’t heard of yet, according to Yale’s…


Microsoft launches three-year programme to help tackle youth unemployment

Microsoft has launched ‘Get On’, a new programme offering young people in the UK the skills and inspiration they need to succeed in getting that all important first job. With youth unemployment currently at 1.02 million1, Get On aims to help 300,000 16-24 year olds take meaningful steps toward work and the start of a career over…


The compelling case for Windows 8

In this section of our three-part series on Microsoft’s recent Executive Briefing event, Tim Cozze-Young reports the highlights of a presentation about the enterprise benefits of Windows 8 and describes how BT, an early adopter, is using it to empower its engineers. One of the standout themes of the Microsoft’s Enterprise Briefing on 7 November was the…


ResearchNext – First impressions

I’m just on the train back to London after the ResearchNext event at Microsoft Research in Cambridge and I wanted to share some initial thoughts. The event brought together around 75 technology leaders from some of our largest clients. We wanted to reveal Microsoft’s world-leading research and open a discussion about how it can help…


Transform your workstyle to a flexible one with Windows 8!

This is just a quick post for you today but one that is none-the-less important if you’re thinking about transforming the way you use the IT in your workplace. A huge amount of organisations are doing it these days – allowing their staff to work from home more, increasing productivity and allowing them to bring more…


Women in business leadership: breaking the silicon ceiling

Microsoft’s First Women in Business Leadership Dinner brought together a group of remarkable and accomplished women to discuss the opportunities and challenges for women in top jobs. Thursday 1st November marked the first Women in Business Leadership Dinner, a part of Microsoft’s Executive Circle programme. It was attended by a group of remarkable and accomplished…


Inspire your IT pros at our new, free creative space!

During this current period of huge change and added financial pressures, you’d be forgiven for thinking that organisations are in a growth lock down. But, as many of us know, this adversity has seemed to fuel a fresh wave of IT innovation – fuelled by elements such as the cloud and social media. Really what…


The Business Intelligence Experience

Microsoft runs Business Intelligence Experience days for Enterprise organisations. We spoke to Morris Novello, a product marketing manager at Microsoft, to see how these sessions help customers get hands-on with the latest business intelligence technology.   What, exactly, is a Business Intelligence Experience session? We call it BIX for short and the idea is to…