The potential of SSD for millions of IOPS on increasingly larger databases

NOTE: There is an update to this article at regarding the throughput I was able to achieve on my own configuration with the Fusion-io backup process.  Through some parameter changes on the backup command, was able to double the throughput of the backup to Raid-10 and more than triple speed to the Null device….


Nested Identity Keys in SQL?

This weekend I played with partitioning.  I have a table with about 10 million rows spanning the last 6 years of stock history for AMEX, NYSE, Indexes, and NASDAQ.   I partitioned each year into a separate filegroup so that should make it much easier to purge archive the old years and try to speed up…


A Wrapper for Running SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services Reports Anonymously

With SQL Server 2008, Microsoft re-architected SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) to no longer have an IIS dependency.  It now relies directly on HTTP.SYS and handles web protocols independently.   This is a good thing, in a lot of respects (see  But, there is also a down-side for those of us who are used to…


Cautions with Indexed Views

If you’ve been following my blog, you may remember an article I did extolling the virtues of indexed views –  I stand behind that and have found this feature extremely useful.  In fact in my last post the 11 seconds it was taking to perform a few thousand transactions against a 10-million row history…


Some Uses for Query Hints

Some of you are all set to flame me just because of my title. I know because a couple of years back, I would have probably been one of the first to say “NO!”, when anybody started talking about query hints.  But, like everything else in this world, they have their place.  First of all,…


Using NTILE with Cross Reference Values to Create Dimensions

I confess  lack of depth in SQL Analysis Services (SSAS).  I’ve read quite a bit about the capabilities including data mining, and played with a couple of the wizards, but just haven’t had time to immerse deeply into end-to-end scenarios.  Based on that, I’m writing this post with a big disclaimer – You might be…


Using Persisted Computed Columns in SQL Server Indexes

As part of my research work, I generate thousands of simulations on an almost daily basis for various scenarios.  One of my scenarios involves determining strategies for selecting the most profitable short and long stock entry/exit positions.  Calculating this involves data mining stock history information, analyzing moving averages of the equities, and correlating parameters associated…


Dumping SQL data in pivoted format

Technorati Tags: SQL Server,Tips If you’re like me and spend a lot of time in SQL Query Analyzer, querying data directly, you may find the column display format tedious for tables with lots of columns or where you are only working with a couple of entries in the table anyways. Consider the following data that…