Could you do your job from a bus all day? This #BusWorker is going to try!

Conversations about flexible working too often fall into the trap of using "anywhere working" as a synonym for "working from home." Why is that? 

Flexible working is about so much more than ability to work from home in your pyjamas. It's about being able to work wherever you're most productive -- and being able to be productive wherever you are. Take the bus ride to work for example. For many of us, our commute is a total black hole of productivity. We sit there, staring out the window and thinking about all of the work we have to do, rather than actually getting it done. Rather than stay late and finish your e-mails for the day, why not leave a little early do them on the way home?

Just to prove a point, a Microsoft employee named Mark Deakin spent an entire working day performing all his normal duties from the back of a bus. Outfitted with a new Surface Pro 3 and a Nokia Lumia 930, Mark got heaps done -- and had a great time doing it. Now, I'm not saying we should all work from public buses all day (if only because finding a seat would become impossible). But Mark's experiences show we live in a world where the tools you use matter far more than where you sit.

Have a look:

Find out more about Mark's journey and the new Surface Pro 3.

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