Video: Watch what happens when staff at Seattle Children’s Hospital get their hands on the new Surface Pro 3

Surface Pro 3 will launch later this summer in the UK. But at Seattle Children’s Hospital, the device is already poised to change how clinicians interact with patients, process notes and get more done each day.

Clinicians at Seattle Children’s Hospital wanted to be able work flexibly for all the usual reasons. They wanted to spend more time with patients. They wanted to have access to data at the point of care. They wanted to be more efficient and flexible.

But to achieve those goals, the clinicians of Seattle Children’s Hospital needed access to the right tools. They needed all the usual requirements, of course: access to clinical apps, a modern, touch-enabled user interface for electronic medical record management and long battery life. But they also needed more.

Clinicians needed to be able to take notes on the fly in the own handwriting. They needed a screen big enough to allow them to easily scan patient records. They needed a device they could use while still looking patients in the eye.

See how the staff at Seattle Children’s Hospital found what they were looking for:

Learn more about Surface Pro 3.

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  1. Amanda Gamblin says:

    Is this technology currently being made available in other countries apart from the United States?

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