Microsoft CityNext: Getting to grips with managing multi-agency outcomes in social care

Social services are rarely the responsibility of a single office. In the city of the future, multiple agencies will collaborate seamlessly to offer services via digital channels. Service delivery will be efficient, measurable and citizen-centric. 

It’s a nice vision, isn’t it? But how do local authorities move from where they are today toward this digital utopia? 

Our CityNext SME partner IEG4 can help with its solution, Semitae.  This allows users to update settings to map their policy directly to the form and the case management application. Assessments, Outcomes and the Steps that make up the outcome can be set locally and the system works in accordance with your processes.

 Want to learn more? Join Microsoft and IEG4 for a free webinar on Wednesday, 21 May from 11 a.m. to midday. We’ll explore managing multi-agency outcomes in social care and examine how local authorities can use technology to do more with less. You’ll get to hear from Microsoft’s Michael Wignall and IEG4’s John McMahon – and have a chance to ask all your toughest questions.

Sign up for this unique event today, using invitation code EF1761.

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