West Midlands Ambulance Service deploys Office 365 in pioneering G-Cloud deal

Innovative communication technologies allow the public to live and work faster than ever before. Yet the more they live in an information-driven economy, the more they expect public services to be more responsive and effective, too. As one ambulance service recently discovered, cloud computing holds the key by making it easy, safe and cost-effective for…


Watch how flexible working transformed Locala Community Partnerships

More than 400,000 people rely on Locala Community Partnerships to provide NHS community services in their homes clinics, schools and health centres. Locala wanted to improve its service and increase efficiency by giving caregivers the ability to access real-time patient data, but its workers needed to retain the ability to work seamlessly in the field….


The Rise of the Humans: How to outsmart the digital deluge

We all have these moments, when the digital deluge appears to sweep us away: the email inbox is running riot, vital work documents play hide and seek on the server, the Twitter firehose is dialled to 11, the Facebook feed is rammed with stuff that may be relevant, but just not today, and all the…


How can we identify and unlock skill sets within public sector organisations?

This post is by Suzy Dean, CEO of EasySharePoint. There’s a wealth of talent within public sector organisations, but it’s often hard to find and identify relevant skill sets when they’re needed. Everyone in the workplace has secrets. Not the deep, dark secrets we see in murder mysteries or TV dramas, but secrets of the more…


Microsoft CityNext: Getting to grips with managing multi-agency outcomes in social care

Social services are rarely the responsibility of a single office. In the city of the future, multiple agencies will collaborate seamlessly to offer services via digital channels. Service delivery will be efficient, measurable and citizen-centric.  It’s a nice vision, isn’t it? But how do local authorities move from where they are today toward this digital…


Calling all nurses: Microsoft wants to help share your story

Each week this blog strives to bring readers the most interesting news and opinions from the world of healthcare technology. But many of the most interesting healthcare stories still go untold. We routinely feature views from doctors, administrators and technology specialists. But what about the people who spend the most time with patients? What about…


Microsoft City Next: 10 essentials for successful mobile application development

By Declan Grogan, Managing Director, NDL Software Mobile ‘line of business’ applications offer huge organisational benefits through cost savings, cleaner data and service efficiencies. In the public sector, there is now widespread acceptance that mobile working supports the dual aims of better service delivery and reduced costs. But adoption is not happening as quickly as…


Microsoft CityNext: Examining the role of population health in designing 21st century cities

Health will play an essential role in the evolution of cities. High-density population areas face unique public health challenges, but they can also help pioneer new solutions. Local governments and local health providers have an opportunity to offer transformative services that put people first. But to do that, they first need a better understanding of…


Microsoft and Barnardo’s team up for new app to combat child sexual exploitation

Child sexual exploitation is a growing problem. The ubiquity of camera phones and mobile messaging apps means that many children now have the ability to film anyone and anything. Pictures and video can be taken easily and uploaded to the Internet for the world to see – sometimes without the subject’s consent. At the same…