Video: Welsh language option comes to Microsoft Translate

Healthcare providers know the importance of clear communication. When a patient is explaining symptoms or a doctor is laying out treatment options, it’s vital everyone be on the same page.

In Wales, clear communication is doubly important, as care providers need to be able to serve both English- and Welsh-speaking patients. When a doctor can explain a diagnosis or give treatment instructions in the language the patient is most comfortable with, it increases trust and lowers the chance of misunderstanding. Fortunately, giving patients that peace of mind just got a little easier.

The National Assembly of Wales faces similar challenges, so they worked with Microsoft to develop a Welsh option for Microsoft Translator. And now that service is now available to all Microsoft customers. Users can now translate text to and from Welsh online within familiar productivity tools like Microsoft Word. They can also do it online through Bing.

Watch the service in action and listen to National Assembly of Wales officials explain how the new feature is helping the assembly function smoothly in both languages:

Want to give it a go yourself? Check on the online version of Microsoft Translator through Bing and select “Welsh” as your chosen language.


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