How to switch your office to modern devices for a fraction of the usual cost

How old is the smartphone you’ve got in your pocket? 6 months? A year?  Most people go a maximum of two years between upgrades, changing phones every time they sign a new mobile plan.

What about the computer or tablet you use at home? Is it built from obsolete hardware or loaded with ancient programs? Is it running slowly – or just barely functional? Of course not. You would never put up with that sort of nonsense.

Now think about your work computer. Is it slow? Is it bulky? Does it feel like it takes a year to boot up in the morning? Is it running an operating system from the Tony Blair years? Would you ever – ever – consent to using such a beastly old clunker at home?

Why is it that we’re willing to put up with technology outrages at work that we easily avoid in our own lives? Surely it’s in your employers’ interest to give you tools you need to do a proper job.

Right now, all over the UK, offices are trading in their old battle-axe PCs for sleek, modern devices that are secure, flexible, and run all the modern applications you need to get some serious work done. It’s called the Get Modern movement – and it’s poised to change the way workers in all manner of offices get stuff done.

Take a look:


Of course, times are tough and new hardware is a major investment. Thankfully, there are tons of top tech brands like Lenovo, HP, Dell and Toshiba who are offering serious cash on trade-ins of seriously old machines. You’ve been smart to wait for the perfect moment to upgrade as cheaply as possible. Well, it’s finally here. 

And thank goodness, really. Because you were getting awfully sick and tired of being able to eat breakfast in the time it takes your old rust bucket to boot up.

Learn more about the advantages of modern devices.

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