What’s the easiest way to offer tele-health services to your patients?

Last autumn, Prime Minister David Cameron issued a challenge to UK health providers.

“We want greater flexibility in primary care,” he said, “so people can speak to their family doctor on the phone, send them an email or even talk to them on Skype.” To help make that possible, Cameron announced a £50 million Challenge Fund to promote tele-health services, including online appointments and e-consultations.

In an austerity climate, finding ways to deliver new services with fewer resources is essential. Tele-medicine has the power to both create new efficiencies for healthcare providers and improve service for patients. Consider how much simpler it would be for patients to seek routine medical care if they could talk with their doctor via Skype, instead of having to travel to a surgery for every little thing. Skype calls are efficient, secure and add no extra costs for the patient.

Want to learn more? Visit Microsoft’s Skype Offices in London on 25 Feb. and you’ll hear from other health providers who are using tele-health services to make a difference in their patients’ lives. You’ll also get to tour the offices and network with other professionals in your field. To learn more and sign up for this free event, click here and enter the invite code 660DD3.

See you there!

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