Responsive government: Changing the flow of information to transform your organisation

Everyone at your office is working unpaid overtime. You’ve stretched your budget as thin as a sheet. And you’re still looking around for ways to do more with a shrinking pool of resources. Sound familiar? Public sector offices all over the UK face the same pressures. The offices that are succeeding are the ones that acknowledge one simple truth: This isn’t a problem you can fix just by working harder. If that were the case, surely you’d be in the clear by now.

No, if your office is going to find a way forward, it’ll need to change how it does business. How? Chances are, the answers you need are already present in your organisation – in the minds of workers who see inefficiencies, missed opportunities and gaps in planning every day. These insights go to waste however, if the people spotting the problems can’t talk to the people who can fix them. To remake your organisation, you need to change the flow of information. You need to become more responsive.

Responsive Government offices:

  • Enable workers to operate as a flexible network, not a rigid hierarchy.
  • Encourage workers to think outside their job descriptions.
  • Empower workers to come up with creative solutions to problems as they arise.

Want to learn how your office can do this, using tools that are already included as part of an Office 365 Enterprise license? Come join the team from Yammer for a one-day event, “Responsive Government – A Transformation Workshop” on  31 January in Newcastle and on 3 February in Microsoft’s London offices at Cardinal Place.

You’ll get to:

  • Listen to a series of informative roundtable expert discussions.
  • Meet other senior level public sector officials who are coping with the same challenges
  • Check out the latest version of Yammer for yourself and see how it could be transforming your office
  • Hear from offices like INSEAD, EC, City of London, Sandwell, and Brighton and Hove who are already putting these principles to work.

Don’t let information silos hold back your organisation’s transformation. Sign up for this free event today to learn how to apply these principles in your office.

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