Do you know how to clean your Surface for use in a clinical environment?

More and more doctors are discovering all the ways that Microsoft Surface devices can help improve productivity in a clinical environment. Surface devices are powerful, portable and flexible.

The Surface’s screen is meant to be touched – but in a healthcare setting, it’s important to ensure all mobile devices are cleaned regularly so all that touching doesn’t lead to spreading germs.

Lucky for you, Microsoft has issued some simple instructions for cleaning a mobile device for use in the health field. Take a look:

“Healthcare customers can sanitize Microsoft Surface2 and Surface Pro2 devices using one of our recommended solutions -- PDI Sani-Cloth Plus, CaviWipes, Covidien Alcohol Prep Pads, or any similar wipes with IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) solution under 70%--without risk of damaging the device. These same solutions can also be used to clean the Surface Type Cover 2 (except fabric area) and Touch Cover 2. In general, users should not douse the unit with solution, but rather use pre-moistened wipes or apply IPA to application cloth and use the cloth on the unit. We do not recommend the use of bleach-based products”

Learn more about how health care professionals are getting more done with Surface 2:


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