EHI Live preview: Check out these Microsoft partner mini seminars

There’s a lot to see and do at EHI Live beyond the official conference program – come by the Microsoft stand (B60) during the conference breaks for our Mini Seminar programme. We’ll be featuring talks from some of our partners and clients discussing how they are reimagining healthcare. 

Tuesday 5th November

13.20 Desktop transformation does not start with the desktop: A look at the things you need to get right before you start ordering hardware: Chris Marks, Director of Strategy at Esteem, will talk about how to approach desktop transformation from a strategic point of view, including the business drivers for reviewing current desktop strategies, how to get strategic buy-in;  and how to get started – including specific Microsoft programs that can help to get transformation projects moving.

13.40: Mobile devices give clinicians the ability to move freely around hospitals and transition between PCs and devices: Sarah Kennedy, Health Solutions Consultant at OCSL, will be discussing the Single-Sign-On functionality and follow-me desktop in acceSSOnce. These tools allow clinicians to spend more time with their patients by providing electronic care at the bedside. Hear directly from a member of the Luton team on how it changed efficiency enabling up to 45 minutes saved per day once implemented. This solution has since been utilised by community midwives, bed managers and clinical IT leads.

17.10 NICE Guidance Windows 8 Store App: For the first time, you can access guidance from NICE whilst on the move through NICE’s new, official app for Windows 8 Store. It is aimed at doctors, nurses, medical students and other healthcare professionals, as well as those with public health responsibilities, including in local government. Simon Hudson, Director of Cloud2, will present on the NICE Guidance app -- the only officially recognised app for the Windows 8 Store that contains public health guidance, including topics such as smoking cessation, promoting physical activity, behaviour change and preventing diabetes. It contains all of NICE’s clinical guidelines, technology appraisals, interventional procedures guidance, medical technology and diagnostics guidance.

Wednesday 6th November

11.20 Care-Orientated Computing: Risual will present on empowering the healthcare workforce with a computing strategy that allows workers to have an optimised engagement with patient or citizen in a care pathway. This solution provides a framework for optimised computing within primary care, or secondary acute or community. Care-Orientated Computing will determine user profiles and needs for computing access, from identity for security and applications to needs of flexible mobile computing at patient bedside, community or remote working.

13.20 The Challenges of Migrating to Windows 7 on a Small Budget: Leeds Teaching Hospital Project Manager Steve Thompson will present the project that they’ve been working on for the last 12-18 months, to standardise and consolidate their infrastructure, including a standardised Active Directory in order to enable them to roll out windows 7 across the organisation. He will talk about what they did, lessons learnt and benefits gained. 

13.40 Introducing the Virtual Clinic with Microsoft: Tele-care, tele-health & tele-medicine are all phrases thrown around by a multitude of IT vendors, clinicians and politicians. A main area where it is agreed that tele-health can assist trusts is in the provision of 'out of hours' care. Yet how can the NHS provide the same degree of care out-of-hours when facing acute financial pressures and perhaps a shortage of clinicians? This presentation from Risual will discuss how Microsoft technology, specifically Lync / Skype, can facilitate 'Out of Hours' services and where it is being used at scale.

Further information on healthcare solutions at EHI Live will be profiled in this blog or follow us on Twitter.  Are there particular areas you would like to discuss at the show? Contact us to book a meeting.

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