EHI Live 2013 preview: Learn to build your own healthcare app!

Mobile app development, is one of the most important topics in healthcare information technology today, but it’s also one of the most intimidating. Sure, it’d be wonderful to be able to build your own application to handle a unique need at your organisation, or even a mass-market app with broad appeal – but how do you get started?  At this year’s EHI Live, Microsoft’s Richard MacDonald will be shedding light on all aspects of the app development process.

Visit stand G30 and attend one (or more!) of five free app development labs from Microsoft. We’ll be conducting sessions aimed at all experience levels, so that everyone from the development newbie to the seasoned
pro can learn a little something. Check out the list of labs below and be sure to visit the stand during EHI Live to learn more.

  • Lab1: Exploring the New Windows 8 Modern User Interface (UI) and Windows 8 Apps - Target Audience: Everyone - Explore the touch-first world of the Windows 8 Modern UI. Learn how easy it is to use Windows Store apps and how they integrate with the system and with each other. 
  • Lab 2: Building a Windows Store App without Programming!  - Target Audience: Technically-proficient, non-developers - Build your first Windows Store app without coding, using ZipApp. 
  • Lab 3: Get Familiar with the Windows Store App Development tools - Target Audience: Those with Some Development Experience - See you easy it is to create Windows Store apps with Visual Studio 2013. 
  • Lab 4: Building Your First App - Target Audience: Those with Some Development Experience - See how easy it is to build apps that take advantage of system and on-line services. 
  • Lab 5: Using Windows Store App Advanced Features - Target Audience: Experienced Developers - Use some of the advanced features of Windows Store apps to build a rich user experience.  

Further information on healthcare solutions at EHI Live will be profiled in this blog or follow us on Twitter.  Are there particular areas you would like to discuss at the show? Contact us to book a meeting.

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