EHI Live 2013 preview: Using mortality data to improve care

One of our health care partners, IMGROUP, will be joining Microsoft at EHI Live on 5-6 November, 2013. Michael Kiruba-Raja from IMGROUP discusses here what the team will be showing at EHI Live. 

Mortality rate data from NHS trusts has been much in the news lately, as a source of worry and frustration. But if health organisations are willing to take a closer look at their mortality data, they’ll find a powerful tool for improving care. At this year’s EHI Live event, IMGROUP will be sharing insights into how trusts can use this data to improve patient care.

We’ve worked with the governing body for health organisations in the UK to develop a system that tracks causes of death for the 5 main ailments affecting UK patients, pooling together data from a variety of different external & internal sources into a single repository.That data is automatically analysed and can be used to reveal a variety of patterns. One use of the data is to highlight areas where mortality rates are especially high. Alerts and reports can then be sent out to relevant parties, letting them know that a particular cause of death is usually common in their area.

When trusts are aware of these statistical patterns, they can begin to take the necessary steps to correct them. Perhaps the issue is quality of care – but it could just as easily be an issue with how patients are coded into the system or some other factor that needs to be addressed. When health organisations get involved in monitoring mortality data, they’re better able to understand the challenges they face and look for ways to improve quality of care.

Want to learn more about how mortality data can reveal both challenges and opportunities within a health organisation? Come talk to the team from IMGROUP at EHI Live and we can share more examples and insights into the ways data can make health organisations stronger.

Further information on healthcare solutions at EHI Live will be profiled in this blog or follow us on Twitter.  Are there particular areas you would like to discuss at the show? Contact us to book a meeting.

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