EHI Live 2013 preview: Getting clinicians involved in designing their own solutions

One of our health care partners, Optevia, will be joining Microsoft at EHI Live on 5-6 November, 2013.  Steve Lyon from Optevia discusses here what the team will be showing at EHI Live. 

One of the things I really like about working with health sector customers who are using patient relationship management tools is the way clinicians can get involved in the design of the solution that they will be working with. Let me share a little example:

Over in Northern Ireland, we at Optevia are working with a trust on a number of projects being developed to make optimal use of patient engagement.  After a few initial workshops run by our consultants with the lead nursing staff and relevant team members, Optevia produced an outline prototype solution that was ready for the staff to get their hands on. Then clinicians can start to design their processes, data fields, forms and outputs -- such as letters and e-mail – to be produced by the system. Optevia works with the trust’s ICT team to ensure the solution can access other data held in other patient systems -- and that it looks good! 

The end result is something the users have been involved in from the start and look after as their own. At EHI Live 2013, we’ll be showing off some of these end products and explaining how other trusts can achieve similar results. Come find Optevia on the stand at the Microsoft Village to learn more about how to get clinicians involved in designing their own solutions.

Further information on healthcare solutions at EHI Live will be profiled in this blog or follow us on Twitter.  Are there particular areas you would like to discuss at the show? Contact us to book a meeting.

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