Set free your health teams with the revolutionary Office 365

Flexible working (aka Anywhere Working) is a huge theme in UK healthcare. This covers a broad spectrum of topics including cloud, BYOD (bring your own device), platforms, IT infrastructures - all the way through to telehealth/telemedicine. The vision of healthcare professionals roaming hospital wards with touch screen devices and patients connecting with their physicians is already here. It's not a matter of if healthcare organisations switch to cloud and a more flexible way of working, it's when.

One great leap on your 'flexible working' journey should be the cloud platforms you choose to use. These should save money, increase productivity and boost efficiency... just like Office 365 does.

Today, Office 365 for business is launched, and the Office team have put together this great video which explains how your teams can now work where and how they need to:

Posted by Howard
Content and Communities Manager, Microsoft UK Public Sector

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