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We thought we'd share this story with all of our healthcare readers who are interested in telehealth/teleconsulting. This is a great example of Lync being used to connect colleagues in different locations...

With the Olympics now taking place, it's not just the athletes who have had a challenge to deal with - like many office workers in the capital, Microsoft employees have had to be prepared for a packed transport system. Therefore the option of working from home has been a potential problem solver for those working out Microsoft's Victoria offices during the Olympics.

Annemarie Duffy is CIO for Microsoft UK - and responsible for keeping UK staff connected. Using the company's own technology has "revolutionised the way we work", she says, crediting Lync as the enabler for real change in driving flexible and mobile collaboration for the company's 3,000 plus staff. "We have always been a flexible workforce... But Lync has provided a new level of flexibility."

According to Duffy, "somewhere in the region of 80% of Microsoft staff meetings now have an online element" and staff have embraced the change and improved work-life balance this has offered them.

Microsoft has invested heavily in helping staff to both use and feel comfortable with the technology with a bespoke, rolling WorkSmart programme delivered by Duffy's team. Consequently, whatever the outcome of any potential disruption during the Olympics, Duffy is confident that it will be "Business as usual" for Microsoft, its staff, and the organisations they support.

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