And your 2015 Imagine Cup World Champion IS … Team eFitFashion of Brazil!

On Friday at the Washington State Convention Center, thousands of hours of dreaming, coding, testing, troubleshooting and pitch-practicing came down to 30 minutes for three first-place Imagine Cup teams in the Games, Innovation and World Citizenship competitions. But they weren’t thinking about their long road to Imagine Cup, they were too busy wowing the judges and thousands of Imagine Cup fans! Team Virtual Dementia Experience, Team eFitFashion and Team IzHard brought their A-games to battle for the title of Imagine Cup World Champion!

Meet your next student tech genius’! We are so thrilled for Team eFitFashion of Brazil, the 2015 World Championship Imagine Cup World Champions!

Imagine Cup judges Thomas Middleditch, star of HBO's “Silicon Valley”; Alex Kipman, Inventor of HoloLens; and Jens Bergensten, Lead Developer of Minecraft, regaled the students with questions in three categories – how they dreamed the idea, how they built the idea and how they plan to live the idea.

After a stellar presentation, Jens Bergensten told one of the teams, ”This will obviously take off!” He was right!

Team eFitFashion hails from São Paulo, Brazil. Juliana Perani, Bianca Canezim Letti and Daniel Tsuha created "Clothes For Me," an online marketplace to sell custom made and tailored clothes in a simpler way. The goal is to increase the development of the ePMG software, which generates patterns of clothes automatically, based on the user's measurements. That way, everyone can find clothes that fit perfectly, no matter what type of body they have. The team aims to connect customers, seamstresses and clothing firms all over the world, offering them a channel to get in touch with reliability and security.

After an inspiring speech, Satya Nadella announced eFitFashion as the victors, beaming with pride. The team accepted the award with a mix of tears and cheers! But the excitement isn’t over yet! As part of their World Championship title, they will get a one-on-one session with Satya Nadella to show him their idea.

These three student devs are awesome people, and their love of technology is contagious! It’s been such an unforgettable Imagine Cup week here in Seattle, getting to know these students. It’s a privilege to see young people pursuing and making their dreams come to life.

If you missed the exciting live webcast, you can see it here.

Feeling inspired? We certainly are! Registration for Imagine Cup 2016 opens now! Register at to get started dreaming, building and living an amazing future! See you next year!

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  1. Alfan Menezes Silveira says:

    Parabéns aos  campeões mais lembrem-se DEUS esta acima de qualquer gênio da inteligência humana pois somos feitura DELE certo!

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