Meet the 2015 Imagine Cup World Finalists!

The day is finally here. After spending countless hours evaluating more than 150 student projects from 64 countries in our World Semifinals, the judges’ reports are in, the scores have been tallied, and what we have seen is nothing short of incredible. With projects that are entertaining, inspiring and even life-altering, these teams will certainly leave their mark on the world. We are thrilled to announce the 33 top teams that can now claim the coveted title of 2015 Imagine Cup World Finalist!


Team Name Country Project Name
Thief China Lost Shadow
SwinDesign Malaysia Tou - The Sacrifice
Octavian Nepal DYD
Kuality Games Netherlands Bounce 'em up
Serious English Name Poland Bandbarian
IzHard Russia OVIVO
Digital Interactive Games South Africa PYA
JY6 Korea Lynn - A Girl Into Puzzles
T2 Tunisia Back in Time


Team Name Country Project Name
NoObs Team Azerbaijan Spinal
eFitFashion Brazil Clothes For Me
Walksafe Canada Walksafe
Stimulus France Stimulus
Mistory Hungary Mistory
Eyeluminati India Manovue
ScreenAir Japan Screen Feels Air
Tether New Zealand Tether
Tesseract Pakistan Dispatch
BCR Palestine Brain Controlled Robot
Siymb United Kingdom Siymb
StudyTree United States StudyTree

World Citizenship

Team Name Country Project Name
Virtual Dementia Australia ADVDE
S.E.C.S Cyprus S.E.C.S
enCourage Germany enCourage
PROGNOSIS Greece Prognosis
Alix Indonesia Solidare
#idontgiveanapp Italy Heart Watch
S-CoolSoft Mexico Play S-Cool
LifeWatch Nigeria AsthmaVisor
Epilepsy Combat Romania Epilepsy Seizure Detection
Mozter Singapore Mozter
Boby Taiwan Boby
Freedom Fragrance UAE LAMAPP

It’s truly a pleasure to see so many talented teams from across the globe come so far. The quality and quantity of ideas that we have seen is incredible, and to see these teams execute on those ideas and develop working solutions in such a short timeframe is awe inspiring. My sincerest congratulations to all of the teams who competed in our National and Online Finals, to the 150 teams that made it to World Semifinals, and now the 33 teams who will fly to Seattle for an unforgettable World Finals. It is truly an honor and a privilege to see your dreams come to life.

Life for these 33 teams is about to hit high gear! These World Finalists will continue to develop and improve their projects to get them ready for the World Finals judges at the end of July. Incredible prizes are on the line and one team will win a private meeting with Satya Nadella!

Follow all the exciting action on and on Twitter at @MSFTImagine.

Pablo Veramendi
Imagine Cup Competition Manager


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  1. MD. Yousuf Azad says:

    It would be very helpful if you could share your thoughts about the semi-finalists who did not make it to the finals. So we could know what went wrong and improve/help improve others to do better.

    Team Karigor

    Imagine Cup Game Semi-finalists from Bangladesh, 2015

  2. nick says:

    oh… come on Microsoft! most of these projects are  just useless apps , we don't see any wow factor or usefulness in these world finalists projects ,we have seen some really awesome projects in world semi finalists. we're so disappointed, same as 2014

  3. Kelly Jason says:

    Unfair… how do you guys evaluate hardware and software based applications through online submission?  without testing it?   this SELECTING PROCESS is totally unfair ,  Microsoft imagine cup died since 2014(Because of  online submission )

  4. Rebecca says:

    Last year I enjoyed the competition. I wish all the teams luck in this final stage.

  5. Software Warrior says:

    Congratulations Team "Tesseract"…

    Just Win Imagine Cup for our Pakistan…

    Our Full Support & Prayers are with you…

  6. Guido Magrin says:

    Yeeeeeeeeeee! 😀 Team #idontgiveanapp is there and ready to fight! 😀

  7. Lifescreen says:

    I'm wondering, did you get our submission?

  8. CoWill says:

    Congratulations to each team! Dream it, build it , live it!  Let's meet in Seattle!

  9. Alex says:

    Wohoo!! #Team Octavian, ready to rock and roll 😀

  10. Jemil says:

    Wow! this is awesome, I had the world finals experience last year, it was an interesting one, good luck to you guys.

  11. lol says:

    Stupid Judging process.. Worst contest ever. You should understand how unfair is the local judging.

  12. Shah says:

    Did you even test our submission ? Seriously !

  13. Григрий Стронгин says:

    желательно иметь эту страницу на русском языке.

  14. Kushal G. says:

    Best wishes Team Octavian. Make Nepal proud.

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