Ed Wilson: The impromptu PowerShell summit in Zurich

Summary: I talk about meeting up with MOW, and Fermin and friends in Zurich Well, the Scripting Wife and I arrived in Zurich following our excursion to CERN. It was a beautiful train trip, and I was able to get a decent amount of work completed on my new PowerShell 3.0 book. Our hotel in…


Ed Wilson: Dortmund, Geneva, Zurich

SUMMARY: Our trip now takes us from the Netherlands to Dortmund, to Geneva and on to Zurich Well the Scripting Wife and I had a wonderful time at the first ever Dutch PowerShell user group. I delivered two presentations and made dozens of new contacts and friends. The following day, Jeff Wouters took Teresa and…


Ed Wilson: The first ever Dutch PowerShell User Group

Summary: Speaking at the first ever Dutch PowerShell User Group Well the Scripting Wife and I left Oslo and traveled to Copenhagen via train. There we boarded a sleeper train, and woke up the next day in the Netherlands. We were met in Utrecht at the train by Microsoft PFE Stefan Stranger, and shuttled immediately…


Ed Wilson: The visit to the Oslo PowerShell User Group

Summary: Ed Wilson talks about the first ever Dutch PowerShell User Group Well, things have been very busy for Teresa and I. In Oslo, we met up with Windows PowerShell MVP Jan Egil Ring. We went out for a nice dinner, got to see the state theatre, the Parliament building and other cool and interesting…


Ed Wilson: Stockholm to Oslo

Last night we had an absolutely awesome time in Stockholm. The Scripting Wife and I met Niklas Goude, Windows PowerShell MVP, and all around nice guy, at our hotel. By the way, Niklas is an Honorary Scripting Guy, and has an awesome blog posting out today on using PowerShell Workflow to Ping computers in Parallel…


Ed Wilson: Hanging out in Stockholm

Well the Scripting Wife and I basically took a “down day” yesterday. I had a lot of work I needed to get done, and she snoozed a bit. I needed to complete the page proofs for two chapters of my new PowerShell 3.0 Step by Step book that is coming out soon on Microsoft Press….


The first ever PowerShell user group meeting in Copenhagen

SUMMARY: In this blog article I talk about my presentation to the first ever Windows PowerShell user group meeting in Copenhagen. One of the great things about PowerShell: community Well, one of the great things about the Windows PowerShell community is the way they all pitch together to help one another. This is expressed via…


Ed Wilson: The problem with Frankenstein

It is a real shame that most people have never read Mary Shelly’s book, Frankenstein. Indeed, for most people, the sum of their exposure to Frankenstein is as a cheesy, grainy, black and white movie with a monster that moans like a harpooned seal, and looks like some sort of Halloween factory reject. Shame indeed….


Ed Wilson: Registration opens for the 2012 Scripting Games

Well it is official, the registration site for the 2012 Scripting Games is open. This is a major milestone on the trek for the games. Now, I just sit back and see how many people register for the games. The announcement that the registration opened occurred on the Hey Scripting Guy! blog. In that post,…


Ed Wilson: Filling white space

One of the cool things about being on a documentation team at Microsoft is the chance to see all the work that goes in to producing the learning and supporting materials for the new products. When the product happens to be a huge release, such as Windows 8, the efforts are massive. Documentation white space…