Apply transitions and animations in PowerPoint 2016

In this sample chapter from MOS 2016 Study Guide for Microsoft PowerPoint, author Joan Lambert explains how to configure slide transitions and animate slide content in PowerPoint 2016.

The skills tested in this section of the Microsoft Office Specialist exam for Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 relate to applying slide transitions, animating slide content, and setting timing for transitions and animations. Specifically, the following objectives are associated with this set of skills:

  • 4.1 Apply slide transitions
  • 4.2 Animate slide content
  • 4.3 Set timing for transitions and animations

When you deliver a presentation, you can move from slide to slide by clicking the mouse button, or you can have PowerPoint replace one slide with the next at predetermined intervals. One of the ways in which you can keep an audience’s attention is by applying an interesting transition effect when moving between slides. Another way to keep the audience’s interest, and often to communicate additional information, is to animate text and objects on slides. By incorporating dynamic effects, you can emphasize key points, control the focus of the discussion, and entertain in ways that will make your message memorable.

This chapter guides you in studying ways of configuring slide transitions and animating slide content.

Read the complete chapter here.

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