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  1. Greg M says:

    I used this coupon code to buy the new Server 2016 ebooks that were prominently displayed on the front page. Today the day that 2 of the 3 ebooks became available I received an email saying they were “automatically been cancelled as the product was not available on the expected due date”. There was no expected due date when the order was placed and oddly enough the third ebook that has not yet been released was not “automatically canceled”. This is the first time I have dealt with Microsoft and ended up feeling dirty. Why would you advertise something and not honor your word?

    1. Greg,
      We are sorry to hear about this issue. We’ve been having some order fulfillment issues this week on our site. Please let us make this right. If you have not already reached out to customer service, will you please email us at MSPressBlog@microsoft.com? We will make sure you get these eBooks at the discounted rate.

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