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Greetings, everyone. We’re considering providing a downloadable document along with each of our books that will help our print customers more easily access the URLs that our authors share. We’ve created an example for one of our Exam Ref books—Exam Ref 70-697 Configuring Windows Devices—and we’d love to get your feedback before we do more of this.

To access the sample, click here and follow the instructions on the Downloads tab.

Let us know what you think by commenting on this blog post.

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  1. Edgy Editor says:

    Looks like a great start. Suggestions: Add the author(s) name, ISBN, along with the title. Perhaps more; you decide how much of that publication detail; but that way, I’ve got all those details in this doc. Also, include the link to the book on the Press web site. Include a TOC of the chapters, including the chapter number and name, at the beginning of the doc with links so that I can jump directly to the chapter of interest. Change the syntax of the title of the doc to: : URLs, so that when I save these docs they don’t all begin with URLs. Include your feedback link so that I can easily notify you if a link is bad/broken. Thanks!

  2. Bilgin Baldji says:

    Being intended as and addendum for the print book include the page number the URL relates to. Review URL document for updated content and make changes to the document on a defined schedule for a period of support time for the book (e.g. once every six months for 18-24 months after publishing). Your particular example document has an expired link for the first URL quoted.

  3. Holger Beer says:

    Great idea!

  4. AlainVDP says:

    Excellent idea. Nice start. But you can do better.
    – document name = boot title
    – Start with one paragraph that describes the nature of the document, a link to the books web-page and the date the document was last reviewed.
    – Add the chapter names
    – Use the correct titles for the hyperlinks (e.g. “exploring biometrics” is in reality “what’s new in biometrics”) and include the page number
    But personally I prefer the way one of your colleague publishers handles this through a reference chapter (e.g. ) .
    Kind regards.

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