Understanding Microsoft enterprise mobility solutions

As described in this chapter from Enterprise Mobility with App Management, Office 365, and Threat Mitigation: Beyond BYOD, enterprise mobility management solutions aren’t as simple anymore as connecting a few mobile devices to an email server or allowing some users to access company resources via a remote connection. Today’s IT departments must support a much more robust and comprehensive user experience for modern employees. Users expect, and often even demand, application-feature and data-access parity between their mobile devices and the devices they use at the office. Add in the new challenges that IT departments face with managing cloud-computing services, user identity, applications, data security, and threat mitigation, and the enterprise mobility management landscape becomes much more complex and difficult to deploy and manage.

This chapter explains how Microsoft enterprise mobility solutions address these areas and covers the basics of enterprise mobility management. It also covers considerations for selecting and deploying these solutions, as well as introducing a sample enterprise mobility management scenario that will be used throughout this book.

Read the complete chapter here.

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