New MVA course: Advanced Threat Analytics

Yuri Diogenes, co-author of the upcoming book Enterprise Mobility with App Management, Office 365, and Threat Mitigation: Beyond BYOD, recently recorded a free course for the Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) about Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA).

In this demo-rich course, learn the basics of ATA, including what it does and how it works. Explore ATA architecture, see how to enhance your mobility infrastructure, and look at ways to configure, deploy, and implement ATA. Plus, examine ATA threat detection and get troubleshooting tips in this Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) training course.

Enterprise Mobility with App Management, Office 365, and Threat Mitigation: Beyond BYOD, by Yuri Diogenes, Jeff Gilbert, and Robert Mazzoli, will be released in February.


Take the course here.

Course outline:

1 | Understanding Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA)

Learn the basics of ATA, including what it is, what it does, and how it works.

2 | ATA Architecture and Considerations

Find out what you need to plan, install, configure, and use your ATA implementation.

3 | Enhance Enterprise Mobility with ATA

Find out how ATA can enhance your existing enterprise mobility infrastructure.

4 | Planning and Designing ATA

Get started with the plan and design you need to have ready prior to installing ATA.

5 | Implementation Scenario

Learn one of the ways that ATA can be deployed and implemented and the results of that deployment.

6 | ATA Deployment

Take a look at the actual deployment process of ATA.

7 | Configuring ATA

Now that you have seen it installed, take a look at next steps in preparing ATA for use in your environment.

8 | Reviewing ATA Alerts

See what the results of ATA implementation look like and how to manage the alerts generated by the product.

9 | ATA Attack Detection

Dive a little deeper into how ATA detects threats.

10 | Troubleshooting ATA

Learn about troubleshooting ATA.

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  1. Dieter Rauscher says:

    Thank you for this great course! It gives a comprehensive overview about ATA.

  2. Fousseni Traoré says:

    Je vous remercie pour votre produit

  3. Lekhoaba Lehlohonolo says:

    What domain controller capability can improve cross-domain authentication?

    1. Thami Dlamini says:

      hi, make sure you sites and services is configure correctly , basically it must follow the network flow or design

  4. Lekhoaba Lehlohonolo says:

    In Windows Server 2012, in Server Manager, in File and Storage Services, what does the primordial pool contain?

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