Great new training videos on Microsoft Public Cloud Services

Watch some valuable new training modules for the book Microsoft Public Cloud Services: Setting up your business in the cloud, by Blain Barton. They’re available on Microsoft Virtual Academy. There will also be eleven TechNet Radio episodes with Blain and special contributors available in the next few months!

Update: All eleven TechNet Radio episodes are now available. Find them here.

About the training modules

If all you had was a phone, a laptop, a phablet, and a printer, and your business was 100 percent in the cloud, what would that business look like? Blain Barton, Microsoft Senior Technical Evangelist, answers that question in this demo-rich course. Check out the Microsoft technologies that can help you have a successful business in the cloud.

Take a holistic approach to bringing key technologies and products together. See Office 365 from an administrator’s perspective, take a look at OneDrive for Business, and explore Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Microsoft Intune, Microsoft Azure, Server Manager, Azure RemoteApp, Azure Application Gallery, and Azure Websites. Plus, get a look at Windows App Studio.

Find the training modules today on Microsoft Virtual Academy.


Here is a breakdown of each of the modules:

1. What the Cloud Can Do for Your Business: Get an introduction to the cloud, examine what exactly it is, the kinds of Microsoft public cloud services which are available, and what these services can do for your business.

2. Get Started with Office 365: Find out about Office 365, a software as a service (SaaS) suite that includes not only the personal computer versions of Office but also mobile versions and the server services needed to connect them.

3. Store Your Files in the Cloud with OneDrive for Business: Explore OneDrive for Business, a cloud-based file storage service that provides protected access to files. Learn how, with OneDrive for Business, you can store and access your files online.​

4. Keeping Track of Customers with Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Examine Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which can improve your customers’ experience with sales, marketing, and customer service.

5. Managing Devices in the Cloud with Microsoft Intune: Examine Microsoft Intune, which allows organizations to provide employees with access to corporate software, data, and resources from virtually anywhere and on almost any device.

6. Building and Running Servers Without the Hardware: Get an intro to Microsoft Azure, which allows large and small companies to rent compute, storage, and networking resources by using datacenter hardware to deploy virtual machines (VMs).

7. Understanding Server Manager: Get the details on Server Manager, which is the primary administrative tool for Windows Server 2012 R2 and the core server operating system in the cloud.

8. Running Windows Applications Remotely: See how Microsoft Azure RemoteApp ensures that apps are both running and accessible on multiple platforms, devices, and operating systems.

9. Giving Users Access to Third-Party Applications: Learn how you can use Microsoft Azure to provision third-party products from the Microsoft public cloud, which users can then access directly from their web browsers.

10. Building a Website for Your Business: Find out how you can use Azure to build websites, web apps, mobile apps, and API apps, and deploy a scalable site that uses the programming language you choose.

11. Building a Windows App Using Windows App Studio: Learn how you can use Windows App Studio to build mobile apps that will supplement your company's website.

Upcoming TechNet Radio Episodes for Microsoft Public Cloud Services - Setting Up Your Business in the Cloud

  • Episode 1 - What the cloud can do for your business - (Blain Barton and Crystal Thune)
  • Episode 2 - Getting started with Office 365 - (Blain Barton and Jeff Mitchell)
  • Episode 3 - Setting up your files in the cloud with OneDrive for Business - (Blain Barton and Tommy Patterson)
  • Episode 4 - Keeping track of customers with Microsoft Dynamics CRM -  (Blain Barton and Randall Galloway)
  • Episode 5 - Managing Devices in the Cloud with Microsoft Intune - (Blain Barton and Kevin Remde)
  • Episode 6 - Building and running servers without hardware - (Blain Barton, Tommy Patterson, Yung Chou and Dan Stolts)
  • Episode 7 - Understanding Server Manager -  (Blain Barton and Adnan Cartwright)
  • Episode 8 - Running Windows Applications Remotely - (Blain Barton and Adnan Cartwright)
  • Episode 9 - Giving users access to third-party applications - (Blain Barton and Jennelle Crothers)
  • Episode 10 - Building a Website for your business - (Blain Barton and Alex Melching)
  • Episode 11 - Building a Windows App Using Windows App Studio - (Blain Barton and James Quick)



You can buy Microsoft Public Cloud Services: Setting up your business in the cloud here.

More information about the book can be found here.

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