Visio 2013 Power User Part 2 & 3 video courses from author Scott Helmers

Check out the new courses, Becoming a Visio 2013 Power User: Part 2 and Becoming a Visio 2013 Power User: Part 3, from Microsoft Press author, Scott Helmers, and Microsoft Product Marketing Manager, Alex Matyushenko.

User testimonial: “I have just watched your Visio videos on Microsoft Virtual Academy. They are compelling viewing and I have just spent the whole day watching them.”

Information on Becoming a Visio 2013 Power User: Part 1 can be found on our blog here and on the Microsoft Virtual Academy here.

Becoming a Visio 2013 Power User: Part 2

Would you like to build on the Becoming a Visio 2013 Power User foundation? Take this next step in becoming a Power User, as you explore the features that set Visio apart from other diagramming applications, including data. A picture is worth a thousand words, and a Visio diagram can be worth so much more.

Find out how to easily create data-rich Visio diagrams and sophisticated, data-driven shapes that can elevate your diagram far beyond most diagram types. In this course, an expert team examines how to leverage data in business diagrams and data-linked diagrams, along with how to take advantage of the rich suite of data visualization capabilities in Visio. Plus, take a look at Visio Services in SharePoint 2013.

Becoming a Visio 2013 Power User: Part 3

Ready to become a Visio Power User? Build on the skills you learned in Becoming a Visio 2013 Power User and in Becoming a Visio 2013 Power User: Part 2, as you explore how to take advantage of the many features in the Visio user interface.

In the first two parts of this series, you learned how to use those features, plus the ShapeSheet, to become an advanced Visio user. In this third and final installation, take another step down the Power User road by learning how to control Visio via programming. Even if you have never programmed before, get many useful code samples to enrich your understanding of what is possible with Visio. Don't miss this exciting series conclusion!



Microsoft Visio 2013 Step By StepScott Helmers is a Visio MVP and a Partner with the Harvard Computing Group (HCG), a software and consulting firm that assists organizations with understanding relevant technologies and making decisions about business applications. A key focus for HCG is to ensure that clients work processes are documented effectively so they can be analyzed and improved, as required. Scott is a co-inventor of TaskMap, a Visio add-in that that allows anyone to document all of the important aspects of any business process with only an hour of training. He has worked with numerous clients in Afghanistan, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Jordan, Egypt, Ireland, Saudi Arabaia, Canada and the United States on projects involving knowledge management, specification of new IT systems, process mapping and redesign, and technology training.


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