Sample chapter: Working with Site Data in Node.js

In this chapter from Node.js for .NET Developers, David Gaynes explains how to work with data from URLs, data from users, and data from external sources in node.js.

Data comes in many shapes and sizes. It can come from within your application as it works, from users, or from outside data stores. As with the rest of Node.js, there is an npm package to deal individually with each of the myriad ways data might be provided to your application.

In general, this data can be broken into three major categories, with each having a couple of primary ways that data would likely come to you:

  • Data from URLs

    • Route/Path pattern
    • QueryString
  • Data from users

    • Form posts
    • Field input
  • Data from external sources

    • Databases (covered in Chapter 6, “Working with external data in Node.js”)
    • File systems (covered in Chapter 7, “Working with file data in Node.js”)

We’ll walk through these and incorporate them into your Node.js application.

Find the complete chapter here:

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