Sample chapter: Viewing Pictures and Video in Windows 8.1

This chapter from Windows 8.1 Plain & Simple shows you how to use the Photos app, Video app, and Camera app that come with Windows 8.1.

In this section:

  • Displaying pictures

  • Searching for pictures

  • Creating folders for your pictures

  • Moving pictures to new folders

  • Setting a picture on the Photos tile or lock screen

  • Cropping a picture

  • Editing a picture

  • Playing a slide show

  • Exploring the Video app

  • Playing a personal video

  • Buying or renting a video

  • Using the camera

Windows 8.1 comes with three apps for working with visual media. These are the Photos app, Video app, and Camera app, all available from the Start screen. The Photos app lets you access your pictures, create folders for managing those pictures, and edit the pictures you keep. The Video app lets you access your personal videos (perhaps those you’ve taken with your digital camera), other types of video media you own, and offers access to the Xbox Video store where you can rent or buy movies and TV shows. The Camera app lets you take pictures and video directly from your device (provided that your device includes a camera). Pictures and videos you take with the camera appear in the Pictures folder, and you can view them from the Photos app.

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