Sample chapter: Automating Windows 8.1 Configuration

This chapter from Windows 8.1 Administration Pocket Consultant: Essentials & Configuration introduces essential tasks for understanding and managing Group Policy preferences:

  • Understanding Group Policy preferences
  • Configuring Group Policy preferences
  • Managing preference items
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  1. MeThat'sMe says:

    😮 I'm not good at eng :/ But I really like to follow your articles even I don't understand it all 😀

    Fortunately, I found, it's a good website (y)

    In fact, I'm french 😉 and in alphorm I found training in french so that's good 😉

    Anyway, thank you a lot , you've helped me a lot BEFORE 😉

  2. gilles desbiens says:

    jai déja acheté windows8.1et jaimerai bien avoir votre aide pour lintalation bien a vous mercie

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