eBook deal of the week: Microsoft Excel 2013 Data Analysis and Business Modeling

Microsoft Excel 2013 Data Analysis and Business Modeling

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Master business modeling and analysis techniques with Microsoft Excel 2013, and transform data into bottom-line results. Written by award-winning educator Wayne Winston, this hands-on, scenario-focused guide shows you how to use the latest Excel tools to integrate data from multiple tables--and how to effectively build a relational data source inside an Excel workbook. Learn more

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  1. Paul Pedersen says:

    Hi there,

    When I go to the check out it doesn't apply the 50% discount.

    Please advise.



  2. Hi Paul –

    This was an ebook deal of the week from last summer. This deal was only valid from July 20, 2014 – July 27, 2014. Apologies for the confusion!

  3. Nazim says:

    Hi Kim can the deal again open for sometimes.

  4. Nazim-

    This book may be featured as the ebook deal of the week at some point in the future, but we don't have any plans at the moment. We're covering a variety of books with this promotion. But check back – we may promote this one again!

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