New book: High-Performance Windows Store Apps

9780735682634fWe’re pleased to announce the availability of High-Performance Windows Store Apps (ISBN: 9780735682634), by Brian Rasmussen!

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Understand what every developer should know about performance when building Windows Store apps. Not designed as a comprehensive reference, this book instead zeroes in on the essentials of planning for great performance and provides a solid starting point for building fast apps.

This concise, performance-focused guide:

· Provides an introduction to the Windows platform from a performance point of view

· Describes how to set performance goals, establish tests to track performance, and covers tools to instrument code and analyze performance

· Explains why common techniques such as micro benchmarks and ad hoc testing often fall short in verifying performance

· Focuses on managed C#/XAML apps

· Although tools and techniques also apply to Visual Basic/XAML apps, all code examples use C#

· HTML5/JavaScript and C++/XAML are not covered

About the Author
Brian Rasmussen is a program manager on the Windows Ecosystem team at Microsoft, where he helps partners and customers build high-performance apps for Windows. In his previous role, he helped build the next generation of compilers and language services for Visual C# and Visual Basic, and before joining Microsoft he was a Microsoft MVP for C#.

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