Free ebooks: Now on the Microsoft Virtual Academy site

No doubt, our blog is a great site for announcing new books and other quick bits of news; however, we really needed a great landing page to host our free ebooks in an elegant, easy-to-browse way. Our coworkers at the Microsoft Virtual Academy provided the solution. It’s a perfect place to land, since many of you already consume the Jump Start sessions, live events and archived courses from MVA.

So, check it out here. As each new book is released, we’ll add it to the page.


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  1. SimionT says:

    Thanks Kim for sharing here the great news! As an MVA user, I more than welcome the teamwork between Microsoft Press and Microsoft Virtual Academy. Keep it up!

    A minor note: you might consider removing your ?fbid=** hash from the link, or use the updated plain link:

  2. DuskoKoscica says:

    Hi I have one great accivement to anounce! I have been offically banned from MS Magazin. Thank you for this, it has been proof my points, good comunication skills from both sides!

    But that is not so important, I have found some other places, that provide me with the opportunity to share my ideas with other people.

    Now I will try to be banned from free book down loader. It is cool in dud.

    Well excuzemou for mi bad EndGliSh it is hard to be read by those … who… Well yu know…

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