Free ebooks: Microsoft System Center family of titles

Microsoft Press has been releasing Microsoft System Center free ebooks this year in waves. We are hosting these free ebooks on the Microsoft Virtual Academy now. Click through to the catalog page for these and other free ebooks.

Download all formats (PDF, Mobi and ePub) hosted by the Microsoft Virtual Academy

  System Center Configuration Manager Field Experience   
System Center Cloud Management with App Controller  System Center Optimizing Service Manager  9780735683068f


Introducing Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 
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  1. Arno Tolmeijer says:

    13 December 2013 — System Center: Optimizing Service Manager is already available on O'Reilly as a free download (see:…/ Printed version is $9.99)

  2. John_Curtiss says:


    Which is good, since the link to the service manager book on this page is broken.

  3. pat-man says:

    Well, it's January already but no "Network Virtualization and Cloud Computing" ?…  ;(

    Btw, the links here do work:…/free-ebooks-great-content-from-microsoft-press-that-won-t-cost-you-a-penny.aspx

  4. Brian Wood says:

    System Center: Building a Virtualized Network Solution is available as of Feb 19 at, it came out with today's Virtualization Jump Start.

  5. kenan says:

    system center

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