New book: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Internals

cover image for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 InternalsWe’re pleased to announce that Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Internals (9780735658561) is available for purchase.

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Dive deep inside the architecture of SQL Server 2012. Explore the core engine of Microsoft SQL Server 2012—and put that practical knowledge to work. Led by a team of SQL Server experts, you’ll learn the skills you need to exploit key architectural features. Go behind the scenes to understand internal operations for creating, expanding, shrinking, and moving databases—whether you’re a database developer, architect, or administrator.

Discover how to:

• Dig into SQL Server 2012 architecture and configuration

• Use the right recovery model and control transaction logging

• Reduce query execution time through proper index design

• Track events, from triggers to the Extended Event Engine

• Examine internal structures with database console commands

• Transcend row-size limitations with special storage capabilities

• Choose the right transaction isolation level and concurrency model

• Take control over query plan caching and reuse

About the Author

Kalen Delaney, a Microsoft MVP for SQL Server since 1993, provides advanced SQL Server training to clients worldwide. She is a contributing editor and columnist for SQL Server Magazine and the author of several highly regarded books, including Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Internals.

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  1. Papy Normand says:

    Thanks to Kalen Delaney ( and the other co-authors ) for this book : clear , easy to read and to understand ( I didn't get this feeling with the earlier 2005 version but I recognize that I was a beginner with SQL Server in 2007 ) with many code examples.

    I recommend heavily this book. For the moment , I have succeeded to reach the chapter 4 ( Special databases ) which permits me to discover how much I was ignorant about the tempdb database. I am understanding now this book took so a long time to be ready to be published.

    A little reproach : not enough results of code samples but it is easy to understand why : the book would had needed 2,000 pages instead of the current 1,000.

    A little mark : 19.5/20 as mark.

  2. 桦仔 says:

    deep dive into sqlserver2012

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