30th anniversary videos: Father-daughter authors Steve Lambert and Joan Lambert, part 1

Since last summer we’ve been filming some of our authors as part of Microsoft Press’s 30th anniversary celebration. In a video series we’re unveiling today called Behind the Books, these authors share stories about writing for Microsoft Press and let us in on what they like to do when they’re not churning out manuscript.

This video is special because it features two generations of Microsoft Press authors. Steve Lambert reminisces about the beginning of Microsoft Press in 1983 and being approached to write a technical book. Joan Lambert remembers as a kid contributing artwork to one of her dad’s books about the Apple Macintosh. These days she writes most of the consumer Step by Step books for Microsoft Press.

Steve and Joan told so many great stories that we created two videos out of their filming session. Look for Part 2 in a couple months!

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  1. Johny says:

    I have the Windows 7 Step by Step book that Joan wrote. It has become my go to reference book for 7. I love Windows XP and find it hard to move to Windows 7. It was past time to upgrade and I Thank You for taking the time to write this book and caring enough to share you talents with others.

    Your Choices Friend,

    Johny W.

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