For authors: How to contact Microsoft Press

Greetings, masters of technical communication!

For many years you’ve been able to send your book ideas and proposals to Well, for the last couple of weeks, the alias has been broken, we’re sorry to say. But it’s all better now. So, if you’ve tried reaching our team of Acquisition Editors and have been notified that the email address is no longer valid, please try again. We’re looking forward to hearing from you again!

Thanks, and sorry for the hiccup in availability.

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  1. Dr. Musti Sastry says:

    Hi, This is Dr. Musti Sastry, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering.  Currently completing a book on Windows Programming.  The chapters in this book are: Chapter 1  Fundamentals of VC++ Programming

    Chapter 2  Windows Forms Programming

    Chapter 3  Graphics Programming with Windows Forms  

    Chapter 4  Introduction to Windows Presentation Foundation

    Chapter 5  Graphics Programming with WPF (includes couple of examples on 3-D)

    The salient features (and objectives) will be a) to provide simple programming examples with less reading material/burden on the readers   b) to provide full source code (very few book do this currently)  c) to target teachers and students a like in typical university system for active learning in laboratories

    I would like to see this book is published by Microsoft press, as the content is all about MS technologies.  My email contact is:    Any guidance and assistance to me on this is appreciated.   Thanks and My best compliments of the season.  



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