New book: MOS 2013 Study Guide for Microsoft Excel

We’re happy to announce that MOS 2013 Study Guide for Microsoft Excel (9780735669208) is available for purchase.

Purchase at The Microsoft Press Store.

In-depth exam prep for MOS Excel certification

Demonstrate your expertise with Microsoft Office! Designed to help you practice and prepare for the 2013 Excel Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exam, this all-in-one study guide features:

•Full, objective-by-objective exam coverage

•Easy-to-follow procedures and illustrations to review essential skills

•Hands-on practice tasks to apply what you’ve learned; files included

•Online pre-test to assess your readiness

Use the in-depth exam prep, practice, and review to help advance your proficiency with Microsoft Office—and earn the credential that proves it!

About the Author

Joan Lambert has worked in the training and certification industry since 1997. As president of Online Training Solutions, Inc. (OTSI), Joan is responsible for guiding the translation of technical information and requirements into useful, relevant, and measurable training, learning, and certification deliverables. An MCTS, MOM, MCAS, and MCT, Joan is the author or coauthor of more than two dozen books about Windows and Microsoft Office (for Windows and for Mac).

Comments (4)
  1. Annie says:

    Where on the MOS site can I download the practice files for  Microsoft Excel 2013 by Curtis D. Frye.

    Does this link work: https:/  

    Please guide me to find these practice files for MS Excel 2013.

    Thank You!

  2. KimSpilker says:

    We now keep all of our practice files with each book at, Pearson's web site. Just type in the book you're looking for and you'll see tabs. Look for the "Downloads" tab and you'll find the files. You mentioned Curt Frye, so maybe you're looking for Excel 2013 Step by Step? He didn't write the MOS guide for Excel.

  3. Adam_Jed says:

    I just purchased this book to take the exam 77-420, and I did registered in my account at The Microsoft Press Store. but there is no download access to the files and I even tried the website that you have stated I couldn't find any download tab. Please I need help to download those practice files. where are they located? thank you… other ways I cant see myself to keep the book if I can't  practice

  4. KimSpilker says:

    @Adam_Jed – please click on the book detail page for this book at our store:…/mos-2013-study-guide-for-microsoft-excel-9780735669208 and click on "Companion Content." You'll find the link to download the practice files. Please write back if you have trouble. I just checked and it's there.

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