Quick news: New review of Applied Microsoft .NET Framework Programming

9780735614222fWe’re very pleased to see that one of our books from 2002, Applied Microsoft .NET Framework Programming, by Jeffrey Richter, still resonates with .NET developers. Check out this new Amazon review, after all these years:

“It’s one of those things. You look back and wonder - how did I miss writing a review for this amazing book? I read this when I was starting out as a .NET developer many many eons ago. And in retrospective, I think I was a genius to pick this book as one of the first books I read on the topic. (In fact, I just got very very lucky when an awesome friend gifted it to me).

It’s got all the basic framework concepts, and Jeffrey Richter explains things in such an eloquent way that you just get it. I understood threading, garbage collection, etc., in .NET very well thanks to this book. Even if you are an experienced programmer, you will find yourself returning to this book often to refresh your memory and to clarify key concepts.

If you are looking for the latest constructs of C# /.NET, this is not the book for you. This is the book that will get you to the point where you are confident and excited about your .NET skills. Once you have that, you can grab a variety of books to learn about the newer concepts and constructs. But you need the basics first. Do yourself a favor if you are relatively new to .NET or if you feel you need a strong grounding in the fundamentals, and get a copy.”

Click here to see the review at Amazon.

Thanks for the kind words, rajeshmathew "cmrj"!

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