Save: Petzold’s Programming Windows 6th Ed with coupon at

A great way to save an extra $10 through May 15, 2013

*Note - this coupon applies to the print version only.

To find coupons, go to


picture of Programming Windows 6th Edition


How to Redeem the Coupon:

  1. To apply a coupon offer to a qualifying item, add coupon in one of two ways:
    1. Click on the coupon offer on the item detail page via the "Clip this Coupon" button, or
    2. Click on the coupon provided on
  2. After applying the coupon to the qualifying item, add the item to your Cart via the "Add to Cart" or "1-Click" option button on the respective item detail page.
  3. The coupon discount will be applied to the qualifying item added to your Cart and will be reflected on the final order checkout page.
Comments (2)
  1. TSoftware says:

    This only applies to the paperback version.  I tried it on the Kindle version and the coupon does not apply.  I discussed this with Amazon support and they confirmed that you cannot use this coupon with the Kindle version.

  2. KimSpilker says:

    Thanks for letting us know. I'll modify the post. I wasn't aware that it was only for print.

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