New book: Microsoft SharePoint 2013 App Development

cover for Microsoft SharePoint 2013 App DevelopmentWe’re happy to announce the availability of Microsoft SharePoint 2013 App Development.

Your guide to designing apps that extend the capabilities of your SharePoint site.

Take advantage of the most important new concept in Microsoft® SharePoint® 2013--the app. Led by two SharePoint experts, you’ll learn development techniques such as building app lists, creating event handlers, and the major classes in the object model that provide access to content stored in SharePoint.

Get expert guidance on how to:

  • Best design an app
  • Develop a SharePoint-hosted app
  • Develop a developer- hosted app
  • Create and use lists
  • Support notifications
  • Program a client-side app with JavaScript
  • Establish user security and SharePoint application security


Purchase at The Microsoft Press Store.

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  1. Suresh Pydi says:

    Nice one. here is the basics of sharepoint app model,…/sharepoint-2013-app-model.html

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