MVPs, thanks for visiting us at the MVP Summit Showcase

WP_20130217_002It was great chatting with dozens of you yesterday about books and authoring with Microsoft Press. We enjoyed numerous interesting conversations (that we hope you’ll follow up on!). If you didn’t pick up our one-pager about publishing with Microsoft Press, the alias for sending us your book ideas is, simply, Emails to the alias are routed to the various Microsoft Press acquisition editors (including me for developer-focused topics).

Also, a huge thanks to Jeffrey Richter—of and whose CLR via C#, Fourth Edition was recently published—for joiningWP_20130217_004 us to sign books and for also answering questions about authoring. The photos here show Jeffrey signing a translation of one his books he hadn’t seen before.

Everybody, watch our blog in the coming months for excerpts from a new book by Jeff: Windows Runtime via C#.

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