Quick news: Registration for TechEd North America 2013 now open

imageTechEd is Microsoft’s premiere event for IT professionals & enterprise developers: http://northamerica.msteched.com/ 

You can examine the conference’s general agenda and ten tracks here. And you can register here.

The conference is taking place in the wonderful wonderful city of New Orleans (one “wonderful” isn’t enough). Quick tip: give Yo Mama’s Bar and Grill a try for burgers in place of Port of Call (which is also great).

Registration for TechEd Europe 2013 is also open: http://europe.msteched.com/ 

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  1. Bill says:

    New Orleans isn't any more "wonderful" than many other cities.  I'm sorry they had a hurricane and I'm sorry they had so much destruction, but is far from the most incredible place to have a conference.  It is basically a smoker's and drinker's paradise with some uniqueness thrown in.  I've been to this city many times.  Last time you had a tech-ed there, the wi-fi service sucked, the food was "so so", and the bus service was not up to standard.  As I recall, the convention center doesn't really even have many electrical outlets…very dated.  The attendee party was a disappointment.  I don't know what the enticement is of seeing a bunch of parked parade floats.  McDonald's serves better food than you had at that party.   I hope you do a lot better job this time.  Last time won't be difficult to top, believe you me.  As I recall, most importantly of all, the "pre conference" speakers couldn't answer basic questions about MS Exchange.

    Fortunately, the sessions during the conference were pretty good and the hotel was fine (although the internet and air conditioning sucked there too, even before the conference!).

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